Our special promotion

Due to the announcement from the Thai government,
MY SPA resumed operations from 22nd January 2021.

Now we offer our special promotion as below. Please don’t miss it !!

1.Spa Buffet 2hrs / Special price only 1,200Baht !!

Any combination only 1,200Baht for 2hrs !
Please choose the treatment from below and make your own 2hrs package!

【Facial Treatment 】
●Argan oil facial 60mins / original price 1,500Baht
●Kassa with prickly pear seed oil facial 60mins / original price 1,800Baht
●Men’s facial 60mins / original price 1,700Baht
●O2 bubble pack whitening facial 60mins / original price 1,600Baht
●Premium lifting facial 90mins / original price 1,900Baht
●Express facial 30mins / original price 800Baht

【Body Treatment 】
●Argan oil aromatherapy massage 60mins / original price 1,300Baht
●Thai massage 60mins / original price 1,200Baht
●Body scrub 60mins / original price 1,200Baht
●Herbal Ball 30mins / original price 700Baht
●Head & scalp massage 30mins / original price 700Baht
●Back & shoulder massage 30mins / original price 700Baht
●Foot massage 30mins / original price 600Baht
●Slimming massage 30mins (Choose 2 parts from below.) / original price 850Baht
(upper arms / back / stomach / front thighs / calves / back of thighs & buttocks)                                                                                                                             2 parts

You cannot choose twice these treatments, facial / body scrub / slimming massage.

2.KASSA with prickly pear seed oil facial 75min                Original price 1,800B →Special price 900B

Using KASSA plates made with porcelain with prickly pear seed oil restore circulation flow.
Benefit include slimming face, less wrinkles and even lift up!

3.MY SPA Signature Package (Total 3hrs)                 4,200B worth of treatment → Special price 2,000B
※Get free gift (Organic argan oil 15ml) !

[Package Contents]
・Body scrub 30min
・Aromatherapy oil massage 60min
・Argan oil facial treatment 60min
・Head massage or Foot massage 30min

4.All our ‘a la carte’ menu 30% off the regular price !

Thank you for very much for your support always and
we are looking forward to seeing you at our spa.

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